Why Choose Md Zipper


Congratulate the opening of the 17th ZHEJIANG ATHLETIC MEETING, especially celebrate that partial competitions will be held in YIWU .

To be the most famous commodity market , the YIWU INTERNATION COMMIDITY CITY was established in 1982, during the developing in 40 years , the market now mainly divided to be five districts . The third district mainly deal with stationary ,office items, sports items and garments accessories .We also have showing room here on the third floor , the booth No. Is H3-28212 ,welcome for visiting .

We start business from NYLON ZIPPER only , weaving the long chain , dyeing, gapping ,pounching, fixing the stops & sliders , cutting , inspection then packed as customized requirements .We can provide No.3, No. 5, No. 7, No. 8 & No. 10 NYLON ZIPPERS for close end & open end , the color & length are customized . We can provide different qualities based on different usage , we are good at the quality controlling for sofa zipper & shoes zipper .


Now we also produce RESIN ZIPPER, BRASS ZIPPER and WATERPROOF ZIPPER ,the teeth are smoothly and strong, also develop printing craft for tapes to get colorful zippers for children’s garments and fashionable lady’s garments. The sizes No.3, No.4, No.5 are available, Welcome to contact us for selecting designs, and customized layout is sincerely welcomed.

We provide different qualities of waterproof zippers , PVC, TPU & PU are well controlled by our masters, you can choose different quality based on the usage, and the LOGO printing on the tape and reflective tape are well dealt, it is finished based on nylon zipper, now mainly provide No.3 &  No.5.

Competition makes the life wonderful, technology makes the developing production, we hereby confirm our dyeing are eco-friendly, our designs are developing, our quality is strictly inspected, our goods will be joined your life comfortable.

Post time: Sep-09-2022
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